HELLO to everyone visiting from Coffee + Crumbs today! I’m so psyched to have them share my piece, “Lifting the Lonely,” up on the blog, and I’m pleased as punch that you found me.

Do you ever do this? Sometimes I make plans for folks to visit (ok, this happened a lot more often pre-Covid, but still), and I envision my whole house in perfect order before the date arrives. I’m talking curtains washed, baseboards polished, hosting-Thanksgiving-clean. And then life happens, and the day arrives, and I figure I could stress myself wayyyyyy out about making the house 100% ready and perfect.

Or, I could just spray a little room scent, dust off the worst parts, and try to have the wine open when guests turn up. It’s not perfect, and it’s never totally done, but at least it’s warm and welcoming.

I hope that’s how you feel visiting my little corner of the Internet. I have a lot of big dreams for this place, but in the meantime…

I hope you find yourself taking the kind of deep breath that lowers your shoulders down from your ears.

I hope you feel like you’re in the fuzziest socks, the most lived-in sweatshirt, the best stretchpants with the side pocket that don’t fall down when you walk.

I hope you know that you’re appreciated, and that you’re doing just fine, and that you’re never alone.

I also hope that, wherever you’re reading from, you’ll feel welcome to come back! Sign up for my newsletter, or follow my blog. We’re going to be great friends.

Tell me what you think!