Bathroom Talk

*Not my bathroom. You can tell because it’s clean.

Ooooooooboy, we do a LOT of bathroom talk around here these days.

My oldest, Ella, is incredibly private, so we were not prepared for the middle kiddo, Audrey, to talk about her bodily functions basically nonstop and with great glee. She made up a song about poop, she makes the word poop her middle name, she (and this is my least favorite) calls us to come in and admire her poop in the toilet.

Our youngest, Gloria, who is almost two, is picking up on all of this, of course. We’ve recently introduced “diaper jail,” which is a pair of one-piece pajamas put on backwards, because soooooomeone keeps taking off her diaper when mummy is in the kitchen, or folding laundry, or blogging, etc. And once her little bum is out, she likes to pee a tiny bit in a few different places, making it impossible for me to accomplish literally anything.

Thankfully, Aud is past the accident stage, so I only have one rogue urinator to worry about. But the potty talk is truly unstoppable. We’ve tried consequences, we’ve tried correcting her, we’ve tried ignoring her – all to no effect.

I get it, it’s normal – especially because she pretty recently potty trained. And let me tell you, that was an adventure. While Ella trained with the three day method (more on that some other time), Aud had many, many false starts. She has it down now, at least during the day, but sometimes we forget a few important steps.

So, I made a simple little sign to hang in our bathroom to help her remember to wipe, flush, and wash hands. We have a lot of this kind of thing in my house, because my oldest has ADHD and needs some help staying on track with multi-step tasks. And I tend to use pictures as well as words, because Aud obviously doesn’t read yet, but even Ella seems to respond better to visual cues.

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